2016 Great Response!

Response to the 2016 Northern Nevada HOA Trade Show was outstanding!
Vendors from all over the area are had booths. There were Vendors from every field of Homeowner Association Living; Construction, Roofers, Painters, Electricians, Asphalt Contractors, Insurance Agents, Collections, Bankers, Gate Companies, Pool Contractors,  Dryer Vent Cleaning, Playground Equipment, Reserve Studies, Landscaping Companies and many more!
Northern Nevada Board Members and Managers were able to meet Vendors in one location. There were 4 Free Classes for Board Members, Door Prizes, and Exclusive Products and Services for Homeowners Associations!
What a great event!

2017 Continuing Education Classes

We will be offering 5-One Hour Continuing Education Classes for Community Managers and Board Members at no charge.

Tentative Class Schedule:

9:00 am – Pavement Maintenance

11:00 am – HOA Insurance

1:00 pm – Reserve Studies

3:00 pm – Pavement Maintenance

5:00 pm – Law Class

About Us

The Northern Nevada HOA Trade Show is dedicated to providing a venue where Homeowner Association Board Members and Community Managers can meet Local Vendors for every HOA need in one location.

This Trade Show is a positive influence on the Industry and Community Living.

The Northern Nevada HOA Trade Show Committee is contacting professionals in every field of the industry to attend this event.  Vendors who are invited include Pool Companies, Gate Companies, Asphalt Protection Services, Engineers, Contractors, Roofers, Electricians, Community Management Companies, Reserve Study Specialists, Electricians, Plumbers, Auditors, Accountants, Bankers, Insurance Companies, Tennis Court Specialists, Window Companies, Concrete Contractors, and many more.

The idea is that HOA Board Members may actually “shop” for the vendors that are the best match for their Association.

Our Focus is Education!  We offer Free Continuing Education Classes for Board Members and Managers to attend.

There are many HOA Trade Shows throughout the country that offer this service. Yet, Northern Nevada does not have a Trade Show and Expo of this magnitude!

This is a great opportunity for Vendors and HOA Board Members take advantage of this networking opportunity.

We are not affiliated with any other organization or entity.  There are no membership fees or contracts.

The Northern Nevada HOA Trade Show is presented by:  Better Reserve Consultants, LLC;  State of Nevada #NV20161516021



Vendor Opportunities

All Vendors serving the Northern Nevada Area are welcome to attend this event!

This Trade Show is dedicated to bringing Vendors and HOA Board Members together in one location.  We are inviting over 2000 HOA Board Members and Community Managers.  Admission for all attendees is free!

This is an environment where Board Members can actually “shop” for the right vendor for their Association.

The Focus of the Event is on Education for HOA Board Members.  We are offering 4 Free Classes for Board Members as well as complimentary Hors d’ourves and a Cocktail.

The Cost for the Booth Rental at the Trade Show is $450.00. Booth locations are based on the order in which the application is received.

For more information please email contact@nnhoatradeshow.com or call 775-335-0004.

Why Have a Trade Show?


The Northern Nevada HOA Trade Show was developed because of the need for a venue to bring HOA Board Members and Managers together with Vendors in one location.

HOA Board Members would like an opportunity to meet many of the local vendors in one location so that they can actually “shop” for the right company to work for their Association.

The Trade Show will be offer a wide range of exclusive products and solutions specifically for homeowners associations. Vendors from every aspect of the Homeowners Association Business will be available to answer questions and give new insight to their business.

There will be FREE Continuing Education Classes for Board Members and Community Managers.  The Class Schedule will be announced as we get closer to the Event.


We want to provide the resources and information to Board Members so that they may complete their job with all available information possible!

All Board members, Community Managers and anyone working in the HOA industry should attend this event!

It’s free to attend and you will meet so many new Vendors and gain a new perspective on the opportunities available for Homeowners Association.

Free hors d’ourves and cocktails will be served during the event!